What Our Clients Have To Say

5 Star Rating
Dear Joseph and staff, It’s been exactly 1 week since my special sister Dee Dee Rainbow quietly slipped away from all of us. I want to thank each of you for the excellent care and love you showered her with! I am eternally grateful.

Marsha Valentine, Sister

5 Star Rating
Thank you very much for taking care of our Mom during the last years of her life. Your care and compassion provided her a comfortable, peaceful and dignified life. You were always there for us, ready to help us with your experience, knowledge, and humor. We all rested easy, knowing our Mom was safe, content and loved.

The Herold Family (Mike, Kathleen, Maryanne, John, Phil, Tom and Christina), Children

5 Star Rating
We want to thank you for the extraordinary and compassionate care my mother received during her three year stay at Spada Homes. We can never thank you enough for the attention and dignified lifestyle Miriam enjoyed throughout this time. Even though she was wheelchair-bound during this period, it was a happy time in her life. She felt safe, secure and she loved her caregivers.

We are especially grateful to you for providing such strong oversight. We were very touched by your thoughtfulness during her hospitalization; I will never forget her smile when you entered her room with beautiful flowers... I believe she passed knowing she was home.

Mina and David Sabbrit

5 Star Rating
After recently spending time at a [well-known] local assisted living facility, I realized that I could not be any happier than I am at Spada Homes. Spada Homes IS home and I am grateful to live here - I wouldn't move for the World.

DeeDee Rainbow (a.k.a. The Rainbow Lady), Resident at Spada Care Homes

5 Star Rating
Thank you for all you do.  I reminded my dad that he is now in THE perfect place. None of the other care facilities would have provided proper care in his present condition and I am so grateful that you are able and willing to care for my Dad during these stressful time.

Joyce Becker, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Joseph, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking my dad in. These months have been so good for him; it was clear how much he enjoyed the camaraderie of the other men and Lotte, it was a pleasure to watch. And the care you provided was fabulous…loving and so respectful. Thank you so much for everything.

Carol Jensen, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Joseph, we felt so blessed to have our mother stay at your home. She received such excellent care - you and your staff are wonderful! You not only helped mom, you also helped us a great deal, and we could always rely on you answering whenever we called you. You were a blessing to all of us. Thank you Joseph for your love and kindness, you and your wife are special people! When we are old and need assisted care, we hope you will have a room for us. We will be requesting a room with bunk beds for us twins!

Love, Joanne and Jackie, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Joseph, we'd like to thank you & your staff again for the care you provided our mother and the peace of mind we experienced when she was living at Spada Homes. When our mother required more care, you became our second family. It was such a relief to know that our mom was getting 24 hour care without having to move to a large facility. The home-like atmosphere put us all at ease.

The caregivers were sensitive to individual needs, very knowledgeable, and kept us informed on our mom’s well being.

We highly recommend Spada Homes and would be pleased to relay our experience to other families.

Les & Laura Jones, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Thank you so much for gifting me with your time and insight. You are doing such an ‘above average’ job it certainly isn’t difficult to direct people to you! I can understand why I have heard so many good things about you and your wife. Continued success and happy Holidays.

Julie Smith, RN, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
I marvel often at our great fortune of finding you! I couldn’t have wished for a finer home for my mother to live in during her final years.

Selma Snaring, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Joseph, I want to thank you for all the time you've spent these past few years sitting in doctor's offices with my mother and me. Your hands-on style and active participation in her healthcare are such a tremendous help to me. I feel as though I have another ‘family member’ here in Seattle helping me take care of her. I just wanted you to know I appreciate and value your help and time.

Rita Cipalla, Cipalla Communications

5 Star Rating
Thanks for being my mom's caregiver and friend over the last few years. We appreciate all you have done and the kindness you have shown. Best wishes, always.

The Vinikow Family, Self-employed

5 Star Rating
Thank you so much for the loving care you ensure my mom receives. In some ways she's happier than ever, thanks to you and your staff!

Barbara Klee, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Thank you for another great year. We sincerely appreciate the loving care you provide at Spada Homes!

JL and Joe Vinikow, Seattle, WA

5 Star Rating
Dear Joseph, I wanted to say one last thank you for all the excellent care my father received from you and your staff.

Every visiting nurse and health care professional told me how lucky I was that my dad was in your Adult Family Home, and I agree with them - they have clearly seen less wonderful places... Best wishes.

Charlotte Byers, Seattle, WA