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Photos of Our Alicia Park Adult Family Home

Spada Care Homes of Alicia Park - 3621 NE 100TH ST. Seattle WA 98125

This Adult Family Home is located right off of 35TH Ave NE in Wedgwood. Easy access from Lake City Way NE and 35TH Ave NE.

You will receive loving and competent care in our Adult Family Homes if you suffer from Alzheimer's, dementia, stoke, or another illness. We provide everything from light care to end-of-life care.

  • Never too old to have some fun playing cards!

    Residents playing cards with staff Monica.
  • Fun activities every day

    Ruth enjoying trying to toss the home-made bean bags and earn points.
  • Meal at the main dining table - an enjoyable social time.

    Staff Peter serving up a delicious meal.
  • In-home hairdresser

    Ruth making Joe look his best!
  • One of six Private Rooms

    Rooms come furnished or not - it's your choice.
  • Relax and enjoy a nice view

    There are many spots in the home for you to relax and enjoy some peaceful time.
  • Comfortable and bright bedrooms

  • Delicious meals

    Every meal is cooked in-home, fresh daily and to our resident's preferences and medical needs.
  • Dee Dee Rainbow celebrating her birthday

    We love to celebrate resident's birthdays with special recognition - and treats!
  • Highly accessible custom-built planters

    Some residents love to get their hands in the dirt and grow cooking herbs and flowers. We do this with them as a fun and fulfilling activity.
  • Our recreational therapist doing her magic

    Our recreational therapist Amy Harris keeping residents active and engaged on a beautiful summer day.

Companionship is everything

Nothing can ever replace the joyful feeling that companionship offers. Dee Dee Rainbow and Jack Gardner are a prefect testament to that!


Live Music

If you love music, you are in for a treat! We hold live concerts weekly at Spada Homes.


Extra Sitting Room

If you or your loved one is seeking a quiet and cozy reading or visiting area we have the perfect one!

Directions to Spada Homes at Alicia Park