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How to Check for a DSHS Enforcement Letter in 5 Minutes or Less

A good time to determine if an enforcement letter has been issued to a provider is before your very first visit to to that home or facility. Contrary to popular belief, this is quick and easy to do. You don’t need any special access, skill, or knowledge – just a computer with Internet access, and the following instructions.

Here is how to check:

1) Go to the appropriate DSHS website page for your chosen option:

2) Find the facility in question:

In the Search Criteria, select the County, City, or ZIP code to to help you locate the facility in question;
Specific Criteria: in the "Enforcement Letters" selection box, choose and click on "Show Only Facilities WITH Enforcement Letters"

3) On the results page, look for the facility in question. Your desired facility Should Not be listed on this page!

Conversely, you can select “show all facilities” and locate the specific home in question, then see if there is an enforcement letter. If you find one, you'll have an option to view it.

How To Claim an Elderly Individual as a Dependent

This is NOT Tax Advice - I strongly recommend that you check with your own tax advisor.

As you already know, anything related to Governement rules and regulations, especially taxes, is complicated. But I trust this will help you.

To claim an individual as a dependent, there are two important qualifications. First, you must have provided at least half of the dependent’s financial support for the year, and second, the dependent must be related or have lived with you, the filer, for one full year.

Here is a closely-guarded secret: there is an important exception to the requirement that the tax filer provide at least half of the financial support. If several family members together contribute 50% of the dependent's support, then the family can choose a single member to claim the individual in need of care as a dependent. This is referred to as creating a "Multiple Support Declaration."

Another disclosure: these interpretations are based on talking with my accountant, and reading the law and Congressional Conference Committee reports. Again, please check with your own tax advisor.

Get the full details on long-term care tax deductions from the IRS themselves at Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled (IRS publication 524).

Capture and Document Your Care Needs Before Starting Your Search For a Facility

Before you start your search for a care facility, it's best that you clearly understand your loved one’s needs, and record those needs on paper. This will make your life a lot easier when calling and touring care facilities.

This long-term care assessment will help you document the basics

Once downloaded, print it and record your love one's actual needs including physical limitations, safety needs, cognitive status, and complete the included sections as best you can.

If you need an in-depth psycho-social-physical assessment (and you will need that if/when you move to a long-term care facility), then hire a professional. Otherwise, for the sake of your initial search, use our Free Easy Senior Care Assessment form below.

Easy Care Assessment Form

Download our free Easy Care Assessment form.

Download our free Easy Care Assessment form.