About Joseph Spada

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Spada Homes, Inc.

Joseph is the founder of Spada Homes, Inc. and a Certified Geriatric Care provider and geriatric nurse of 30 years with extensive background in long-term care. Born in Sicily and raised in Geneva Switzerland, his health career started at the University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland where he served in orthopedics, rehabilitation, and the emergency room.

He came to the US in 1985 to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural health modalities before moving to Seattle in 1989. In Seattle he worked at Foss Home, providing rehabilitation care and nursing assistance to the elderly prior to starting Spada Homes in 1990. 

He teaches the AFH Administrator Certification Course at North Seattle College. He also tutored nursing students there, and served as President for the Sno-King Adult Family Home Association, and taught Community First Aid & CPR, and First Aid in the Workplace as a Red Cross instructor.

"Adult family homes are becoming the new standard for long-term care. Seniors like the home setting and the high degree of personal attention is unmatched. Adult family homes also offer a cost-effective long-term care option - a wise choice during any economic times."

Joseph has a passion for cooking and a reputation for baking amazing Sicilian-style pizza (in his rigged home oven). He loves playing acoustic guitar, as well technology and marketing.

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